About Us

Oliver Froment founded Pro Capital Ltd in 1993 after more than 10 years of extensive international financial and corporate experience.  Pro Capital Ltd is an FCA regulated firm based in London that has transacted with over 1000 clients in 40 countries. It began as a capital market firm transacting/dealing with debt and equity-linked securities, while also offering investment placement and advisory services. We have since transitioned into focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as raising capital for companies.

Why Choose pro capital?


We have more than three decades of experience in all aspects of global capital markets, enabling us to find the optimum solution for your M&A requirements or your search for a strategic partner. We have transacted with over 1,000 counterparties in 40 countries. 


Our acquiring partners range from small to multinational companies. We will take mandates from companies of all sizes and our target investors are not limited in amount. 


We have an excellent ability in finding the optimum counterparties for small companies. We will canvas a very large universe of companies as your partner: not only large multinationals but also small companies operating in the relevant sector(s). We can search for the right partner worldwide. 


We can not only engineer complete acquisition(s) or merger but also find strategic investors, if need be, whose long-term interests will be aligned with your objectives. Our search for the right counterparty will be tailor made to your need. 


 We can find you counterparties that benefit you not only immediately in financial terms, but also strategically if required. This strategic value can be in the form of additional geographical coverage, new customers, new distribution channels, complimentary products range and/or services, and/or relevant expertise.